Babson Entrepreneur Experience Lab

Elements of the Entrepreneur Experience


Download each volume of the Elements of the Entrepreneur Experience as PDF files to read offline or to share. To display these documents, you will need Acrobat Reader, available as a free download from Adobe.

Volume I: Elements of the New Venture Entrepreneur Experience

September 2011

Volume I describes the experiences of entrepreneurs involved in new venture creation. A unique, first-person, national characterization of the new venture experience, the insights are drawn from engaging over 250 entrepreneurs from both well-known entrepreneurial hotspots and their lesser known counterparts across the USA.

Volume II: Elements of the Entrepreneur Inside Experience

August 2012

Volume II looks at the experiences of entrepreneurs inside—those thinking and acting entrepreneurially within organizations. Entrepreneurs from a heterogeneous and diverse set of organization types were engaged to provide the broadest context possible for learning about how people experience entrepreneurship within an existing framework.

Volume III: Masterclass

August 2012

Volume III looks at a group of entrepreneuring leaders who, in their work, and in the organizations they build, explore powerful new ways to create value and new ways of seeing.