Babson Entrepreneur Experience Lab

Elements of the Entrepreneur Experience

Entrepreneurs of All Kinds ™

“We are all entrepreneurs, only too few of us get to practice it.” —Muhammad Yunus

Stories shape our perceptions of entrepreneurs...
how they are born,
not made...
alone in his garage with the brilliant startup idea...
reaching overnight success and unimaginable wealth...
for just the few and (very) famous.
It's time for
a new narrative.

What if we took this seriously? What if we engaged new venture creators, entrepreneurs inside—those thinking and acting entrepreneurially within organizations, and citizens gaining life skills from the practice of entrepreneurship in a real world effort to transform entrepreneurship?

Our work starts with the understanding that we need a new, more expansive narrative of what entrepreneurship is and can be. We can no longer think our way into an uncertain, unknowable future, we have to act. We know that entrepreneurship, a powerful word, when practiced can and has changed the world. We see how many individuals throughout our nation practice entrepreneurship, yet don’t even realize that they do.

Through the stories of Entrepreneurs of All KindsTM—those individuals or groups who think and act entrepreneurially, who can transform opportunity into reality and create economic and social value for themselves and for others—we will begin to evolve our understanding of entrepreneurship in ways that will help us extend the practice to the many, not the few.